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Stella Industrial understands and is familiar with the harsh and demanding environments that industrial coating and linings are exposed to within the mining, oil, gas and construction industries.


With extensive experience in applying Polyurethane (utilising special mobile composite material pumps), Rubber Lining and Polyurea coatings, Stella Industrial provides clients with both the products and quality service to protect their assets from deterioration against abrasive materials and severe chemical attack. 


Expertise and a long standing successful history with the industry coupled with in house key personnel trained both locally and in the USA with a specialised focus on high tech composite materials for the hydrocarbon processing industries, offers a piece of mind and asurance to our clients that their resources are protected, thus offering longevity and substantial cost savings. 




  • Fire Proofing

  • Polyurea

  • Concrete remediation

  • Polyurethane

  • Epoxy

  • Ultra high build epoxy

  • Rubber lining

  • Lead paint removal

  • Concrete restoration

  • Tank lining

  • High wear lining

  • Glass bead cleaning

  • Metal Spraying




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