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Stella has the capability and experience to apply a vast range of coatings starting from single coat primers to high build epoxies, 3 coat systems and polyurethanes in both our workshop based in the Kwinana Industrial Strip and onsite with our fully mobile equipment packages and teams. 


Stella Industrial works to ISO standards and has all the test equipment necessary to carry out conformance checks.




  • Abrasive Blasting and Painting

  • Mechanical Preparation

  • High Pressure Water Cleaning

  • Spray Applied Coatings

  • Brush/roller Applied Coatings

  • Internal Pipe Coating

  • Tank Repairs

  • Fireproofing

  • Anti-corrosive tape wrapping

  • Tank Lining

  • Concrete Floor Finishing

  • Anti-acid Coatings

  • Industrial Vacuuming

  • Paint Touch Ups

Ping Pong Table located in Fremantle's Esplanade Park surface prepared by Stella Industrial

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