Stella Industrial has an 8000m2 land area available for the execution of surface treatment works for Coatings. This area includes a 3000m2 workshop undercover area and a 5000m2 laydown area.


In addition to this workshop Stella Industrial is also fully mobile for any on site project.


Stella has the capability and experience to apply a vast range of coatings starting from single coat primers to high build epoxies, 3 coat systems and polyurethanes.


Stella Industrial works to ISO standards and has all the test equipment necessary 

to carry out conformance checks.




  • Abrasive Blasting and Painting

  • Mechanical Preparation

  • High Pressure Water Cleaning

  • Spray Applied Coatings

  • Brush/roller Applied Coatings

  • Internal Pipe Coating

  • Tank Repairs

  • Fireproofing

  • Anti-corrosive tape wrapping

  • Tank Lining

  • Concrete Floor Finishing

  • Anti-acid Coatings

  • Industrial Vacuuming

  • Paint Touch Ups

Ping Pong Table located in Fremantle's Esplanade Park surface prepared by Stella Industrial