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Stella Industrial offers a diverse range of Access Solutions to provide the best possible acccessibility for your project. Our range of skills include:


  • Scaffolding (all types i.e. modular, tube and fitting, mobiles, aluminium etc)

  • Custom design ladder assemblies

  • Mechanical and hydraulic platforms

  • Rope Access

  • Swing Stage's

  • Platform Netting

  • Safety Netting

  • Fall Arrest Systems

  • Man Cages

  • Rigging

  • Static Lines

  • Air Bags

  • EWP (elevated work platform)

  • Scissor Lift


If these options suit you we are happy to sit down and nut out a solution that works for

your project...even if it doesn't exist yet. We have the capability to design, construct and install customised, one off, access solutions.

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