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Since its inception in 2010, Stella Industrial has cemented itself within the industry as a multi-disciplined industrial services provider specialising in Coatings and Scaffolding services, branching into insulation, fireproofing and mechanical services.


A family owned and operated business, its commitment to quality, safety, innovation and people has created a culture of understanding the client’s needs and delivering the results. Combine this with a “can do” attitude and you receive a fierce competitor in the construction, maintenance, oil and gas and mining sectors.


The management team at Stella Industrial have worked on almost every major project in Western Australia and collectively have over a century of experience in the industry.

Key Factors




Stella Industrial believes that there are two key factors that need to be taken into account when taking on any job or activity and it is our responsibility to ensure that all our staff and employees have the knowledge to comply and follow up on these factors. They are:


  • The Safety of Employees and Colleagues


Stella Industrial is dedicated to making sure that all our employees go home, in one piece, every night. All our employees have the stop work power if they believe there is any risk to themselves or their colleagues. It is also expected that all our employees have a focus of looking after themselves and their mates every day.


  • The Environmental Impact of our Services 


The whole team at Stella is focused on leaving as small of an ecological footprint on the Earth as possible. We believe in the conservation of our environment and limited resources and understand that the biggest impact to climate change is human interference. As such we always focus on adding environmental prevention systems be it from garnet dust and overspray collection to low level lighting to prevent fauna disorientation. Stella believes in a greener future for the generations to come.

Supervisor Daily Checks

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